Reinforced concrete is usually the choice most homeowners make to support the foundation of their new home. You want a strong and sturdy foundation that’s done correctly, right? From pouring your concrete to laying your roof, you can always trust us! Let MK Homes be your guide to building your dream home. Learn more about our concrete pouring process below. 


There are different types of foundations you could use; from sand and clay, fly ash, wood, to reinforced concrete, what you choose determines which type of foundation best aligns with your construction goals. Most people learn towards concrete for their foundation. 

Why is concrete an excellent choice for your project?

Concrete is a composite of cement, water and sand used in ancient history to build robust structures like the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. First and foremost, the Concrete Foundations Association of North America (CFA) believes that poured concrete provides builders and owners with stronger, drier and better structures with an unmatchable performance compared to other materials. 

From the CFA, here are a few benefits you can expect with the use of concrete:

  • Fortitude
  • Reduced water leakage problems 
  • Fire retardant 
  • Design adaptability  
  • Maintenance-free  

Before beginning the process of pouring concrete, speak with your home builder to determine a variety of factors, from layout and design, timeline, to the costs of the overall project. On average, a concrete slab costs between nine to twelve dollars per square foot.  Final prices depend on the slab size, thickness and any needed reinforcement. Our team will work with you to establish a plan, timeline and budget that best fits your goals. 

Tools and materials needed to pour the concrete include: 

  • Permit (might be required)
  • Well-drained soil
  • Form boards 
  • Edging tool
  • Safety precaution materials (eye protection, long articles of clothing, rubber boots and gloves, etc.)
  • Circular saw
  • Hammer
  • Tape measurer 
  • Anchor bolts
  • Concrete, of course! 


Pouring concrete is a rigorous process and doesn’t just start at pouring concrete. 

First, anything that is going to be covered by concrete needs to be run before the concrete is poured. Depending on the home design layout, this could include plumbing and electrical lines.

Once that step is complete, you are ready to begin prepping to pour concrete:

During this stage, our crew will build up the base and compact each layer. If you have excess soil, we will start by removing that to ensure the surface is a flat and robust foundation. 

  1. Then, insulation like foam boards will need to be installed. 
  2. A gravel base will then be laid over the foam board. 
  3. Plastic sheeting will be rolled over the gravel base. 
  4. Wire mesh or a steel bar can be beneficial to use in between the gravel base and concrete later because it provides reinforcement and will minimize cracks.
  5. Last but not least, we will prepare to pour the concrete quickly. When the truck arrives to pour the concrete, we will make sure all necessities are ready before this step of the process. Your concrete forms will be square and level to your specifications and our quality standards.

And a smooth finish. Our team will wait for the water to dry and your cement to harden. Once firm enough, an edging tool will be used to form a firm and smooth surface finish. 

Know the signs of trouble. If you start seeing cracks that are either vertical or horizontal and they continue to grow bigger, call us at MK Homes. We’ll investigate the issue right away.  


At MK Homes, we want to make your building process smooth and straightforward. Download our Custom Home Building Guidebook below for more information on our building process:

Preparing to Pour Concrete

From the designing and pouring concrete stage to moving you into your new dream home, our talented and professional team is here with you every step of the way. We provide ourselves to upholding a higher standard compared to the average home builder. 

If you have any questions on the concrete pouring process, give us a call at 724-206-9741.