Here at MK Homes, we keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest home trends of the year just for you! Our mission is to build each home uniquely and individualized to our client’s wants, needs and dreams. Our team is here to make that possible for you. Continue reading below for custom home trends we have seen recently, and our thoughts on them.


Here’s what we’ve seen lately:

  1. Full tile backsplash: Currently, we are seeing this trend about 95 percent of the time. A full tile backsplash can give your kitchen a pop of color or give it the perfect symmetry that it might have been missing. 
  2. Kitchens that fully open to the outdoors. This is another feature that we’ve been seeing in the homes we build. Indoor-outdoor kitchens look beautiful as it connects the living space with the nature that surrounds your homeDestination Bathtub - Custom Home Trends
  3. Destination bathtubs. At MK Homes, we come across a lot of people who want a luxurious shower or bathtub. Feeling like you’re on vacation when you’re taking a bath in the comfort of your home? It doesn’t sound too bad. The cost can be high, but if you have the money and enjoy a spa-like atmosphere, then invest in a destination bathtub.
  4.  No-glass showers. This year, we have had two clients ask for no glass showers. This is a good trend as you minimize the cleaning of the glass, but be warned–it can get chilly!
  5. Dark and moody color scheme. We’ve been seeing this trend a lot over the past year. For materials that would be hard to replace like a countertop, we always suggest asking yourself “will I love it in five years,” but for objects like dark-colored walls, you can always paint over it!
  6. Dark stain colors for hardwood floors. This is another trend that we’ve been seeing in the homes we build. Depending on your color scheme and what you like, this could be a perfect addition. 
  7. Brass faucets and decorative hardware. At MK Homes, we’ve seen this trend for a couple of years, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Utilizing decorative hardware can give your home the unique edge you’re looking for!


Whether your preference is to follow and use popular home trends, or you choose to personalize your new home with a different approach – here at MK Homes, we will do what it takes to make your new home a reality. 

Each MK home is personalized to you and your life. Our homes are built to the highest construction standards, ensuring comfort and convenience to live in for years to come. We build each home to Energy Star 3 standards. As a result, our homeowners see measurable savings on their energy costs and feeling the difference in home quality every day. 

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